She was notoriously introverted. An escape from the vibrant colors of the garden and the spirited chatter of the users within. What seemed bright and simple from the outside, was more dark and complex in the inside. It was an escape into her brooding alter ego. Lighting her imaginary cigarette with her imaginary lighter. She found solace in this "in-between" space.


A2 - 594 x 420


The video shows a perspective of a person trying to find out what kind of life awaits him. He believes that there is still hope in this world full of dissonance. The scene in the Shibuya crossing depicts how people can be connected in a fleeting moment yet simultaneously estranged. What you see is the physical manifestation of the person. On the other hand, what you don't see are the emotions running in their minds.

The artist seems to be submerged in a chaotic trance amidst the bustling street of Tokyo. Perhaps, replicating this event wherein people seem to understand each other gives a speck of that "paradise". 





A2 - 420 x 594